Corporate Quality Policy
  • Customer
  • People
  • Training & Development
  • Growth
  • Environment
  • Profit
  • To provide products or services with the highest quality or added value to our customer to achieve Supplier-Of-Choice.
  • To share with our people the company's successes which they make possible; To Encourage active participation of every employee in our continuous improvement programs; To recognize individual and group achievements.
  • To equip and continuously upgrade our people with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue for excellence and meet our changing customer needs.
  • To grow the business that build upon our strength and technology.
  • To create a safe and pleasant work environment.
  • To achieve sufficient profit to finance the company growth and provide the necessary resources we need to achieve the above objectives.

Nupon Group

to be the world most preferred World Class OEM facility and Supplier-Of-Choice through Continual Improvement and Innovations
~ Corporate Vision
Corporate Culture
  • Total Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority.
  • We emphasize Customer-Vendor partnership for continuous quality ‚Ä®improvement.
  • We have respect and trust for individuals and share good practices.
  • We achieve our common objectives through team work with optimum flexibility and innovations.
  • We pursue for excellence in achievement and contribution.
  • We encourage Constructive Confrontation in raising issues or problems.
  • We emphasize TQM Concept which encourages active participation of every employee in quality improvement activities.
Corporate Quality Policy
  • NuPON Group is fully committed to provide its Customers with Quality and Reliable products or services that shall meet Total Customer Satisfaction through Continual Quality Improvement Programs.

  • Quality is our Hallmark Continuous Quality Improvement is a WAY OF LIFE at Nupon Group.
  • It is our standard for operating and involves company-wide employee at ALL LEVELS.
  • Nupon Group operates with a comprehensive CONTINUAL QUALITY IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM (CQIS) which embraces the concept of proactive mode of defect prevention, and a systematic approach in problem-solving techniques.
  • Nupon Group commits to WORLD-CLASS quality practices; Clean & Safe Environment and documentation through ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 compliance.